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Tuesday, 26 December 2017

How to select a reliable real estate company in Mumbai

Mumbai has so many real estate companies. For someone wanting to buy a residential property, it becomes way confusing because every company claims to offer best deals and services. The reality of these deals only comes out once they have purchased the property and then realized that they have been duped. When it comes to finding a trustworthy real estate company in Mumbai there are a few ground rules that one should follow to make sure that they are going with the right company.

No hidden charges – A real estate company should have a transparent pricing. It is important to get a hold of all the charges first hand and there should be nothing that you are liable to pay apart from the cost of the property. Many real estate companies add additional charges after the purchase and make the buyer pay extra even after the deal is done.

Construction should be hundred percent done – When you are purchasing the property that the real estate company claims as a completed one, there should nothing that is listed under the clauses of to be finished once the deal is done. Make sure that your home doesn’t require paint job or electricity supply after you pay everything.

Must be accessible – A big problem with real estate is that many of the apartment complexes are not accessible without personal vehicle. It takes a lot of time to travel and get to the nearest supermarket or the airport. A reliable real estate agent makes sure that all the amenities are accessible and if they are not then they make sure that they are the part of infrastructure.

When it comes to reliable real estate solutions, Ekta World has been a trusted name for more than a decade. They have come up with amazing residential property in Santacruz West with amazing offers and world class infrastructure. For more information, get in touch with our experts today.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Discover the real estate companies in Mumbai and their advanced techniques

Real estate companies in Mumbai and some of the latest residential properties in Dadar have together made and organised a lot of commercial schemes as well as residential schemes for people keen on availing the best kinds of properties in urban areas, the most important aspect of this part is the easy commutation and travel that is available here and the connectivity to the most important business areas of Mumbai, apart from that what consumers can expect easily is the promise of quality in terms of construction and design, all the facilities that are associated or expected from these kinds of properties are available.

It is very easy for you to explore the facilities and features of these buildings online and visual tools and information is just a click away and you can easily put your requirements and budget and plan your purchase according to the new financial schemes, you can actually sort according to the budget, kind of house that is required, the kind of property that is required the build-up area and also the neighbourhood, it is very easily understood that not just in case of purchase but also in case of rental acquisition, a lot of factors are to be considered before investing any money, you can avail ready possession as well as under construction projects and the latter has the liberty of customisation and creativity which can be done before the house is made, you can also sort according to the locality and it must be understood that the most important factor that affects the price of your real estate investment is the location so what you must understand is what is exactly needed and what is not and what remains the priority for you, also, amenities, Healthcare, shopping areas and other children or pet friendly environment is also very important for the current generation and most of the buildings are designed accordingly.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Real Estate Companies In Mumbai Encourage Property Investments

The prosperity of the city is known by its framework particularly a place like Mumbai is known to be the financial hub of the country. Millions are attracted to the city and that has kept it constantly buzzing and active all these decades and thus earned its rightful name of the city that never sleeps.

The increase of the people pouring in has definitely has been demanding for the real estate companies in Mumbai as there are more housing needs that have been met by the new housing projects all over the city. Mumbai caters to the needs of many people and thus meeting the housing needs for them has been a challenge for years and in turn, this has also increased its pricing like never before.

The soaring price for property in South Mumbai has made many seek for cheaper real estate comparatively. Many people are choosing to relocate in far off western suburbs as the prices are lesser than South Mumbai and also they are able to buy a bigger space as well at a lower price. Many new residential projects in Borivali, Goregaon and other suburban places have been taking place. This has really changed the face of the entire suburban area in the city. The new residents of the city find this ideal as they are new to the city and do not find it wise to invest a lot of money as soon as they come since they are yet to settle to the new environment and some cases many are unable to even afford to buy a property.

Many financial experts state that investing in real estate is a sound step towards secure savings that which will stay for a long term with you. Developers are sensitive to the financial needs of their clients and thus have collaborated with many financial institutions and banks to make the facilities for home loans easier for them. Thus the dream of owning your own home in a city like Mumbai is truly possible for anyone.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

How To Find The Best Property Deals In Mumbai

Finding your type of home is not an easy task. Either you will take up something out of your budget or can also be cheated into buying something else. But, this can only happen with people who are not very attentive to what the property seller has mentioned in the ad or whatever he is saying. There are times when something written does not match with the actual property. Hence, you should always be vigilant and alert while buying a property. Below are the tactics you can use to find the best properties in Mumbai;

Consider The Budget – Know what your budget is and then start planning on what exactly you want. If you are planning to buy a 4 bhk flat in Mumbai, consider places that fit in your budget for such a property. If you can, stretch your budget and see the overall amount you want to invest in a property.

Hire A Real Estate Agent – When buying a property in Mumbai, hire a smart real estate agent to ease your work of visiting each property. Tell the real estate agent all your requirements and then tell him to see all the available flats which match these requirements. He can then shortlist a few of them and you can see those flats yourself in the weekend or whenever you are free.

Keep Updating Your Data – Whatever data your real estate agent provides you, keep it with you and analyze each property according to the standards you have placed for it. The area of a flat, locality, rates and other such factors.

Be Vigilant – Even if you hire the best real estate agent, you should still check the property yourself. This will give you a personal experience with the property.

Think Before You Buy – Don’t take a decision very quickly. Think and analyze your deal before confirming.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Residential Property Investment Opportunities- New Projects in Mumbai

Life in Mumbai does seem to be hectic and sometimes even difficult adjusting to the forever buzzing crowd. This leaves you begrudged due to the non-availability of space for yourself. A city like Mumbai has always been foremost in the transformation and development all these years, mainly due to its commerce requirement which makes these changes inevitable. However, in recent decades, the city has gone through an ever increasing expansion that has resulted to many new projects in Mumbai. These developments, in particular, have been taken place in the far off suburbs of the city.

This has not in the least disturbed the plans for transformation in South Mumbai. There are many areas that going through redevelopment at a fast speed. Many of the older buildings and complexes are getting a facelift which has attracted many real estate developers who do see the immense potentiality in this change. Most of these developments have also been created due to the almost a decade old construction of the Bandra-Worli Sea Link which made the travelling easily accessible between the South Mumbai and the Western Suburbs smoother and quicker. Further, apartments in Dadar are considered a hot property due to its location being right in the heart of the city.

Unlike any other place in the whole of Mumbai, Dadar is an area that is most centrally located in terms of the daily commute. It has an easy access to both the east and the west of Dadar. The thing that makes this place ideal is the excellent intersection of the western and central railway lines. It is believed that Dadar is at the core of Mumbai and just with its location feasibility but also culturally. In spite of vast progress the area has seen and even undergone, it has held on steadfast to its core belief and culture that which is associated with the typical Mumbai.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Consider smart investment - Buy Residential Property in Mumbai

Mumbai is the haven for property developers with the constant rush to meet the housing needs of the millions that arrive at the city each year. Densely populated cities are in a constant struggle to meet the housing requirements of its population. The main reason why people are still drawn to a city like Mumbai is due to the quality of life it offers and the array of opportunities that it has. Though this has created an intense diversity which has also in turn developed is key characteristic. Buzzing with activity is a city that has uniquely learned to live in harmony with each other. People appreciate here its sparsely existing nature and this has a lot to do with the collective efforts of real estate companies in Mumbai. The conscious efforts to incorporate more natural surroundings and amenities that are co-related with them have significantly transformed Mumbai.

Today, many developers resist the urge to just create a building and leave it at that. Instead, they offer lush green gardens that surround the complexes, amenities that are centered with nature all these factors helps when you consider buying residential property in Mumbai. Experts in the industry suggest that currently, this would be a smart investment. Also, Mumbai has always seen the highest rise in property prices than the entire country. This has been the encouraging factor that has made the city expand like never before.

Today, the areas in far off suburbs are developing complexes like never before, which has met many of the requirements of low budget housing needs. Expansion in the suburbs has been a relief to those with the middle-income group as the houses are available at affordable rates. The increase in the population does lead to demand for better infrastructural facilities in the city which has resulted to the on-going Mumbai Metro Phase 2 in its suburbs.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Buying Well-Furnished 2 BHK Flats in Mumbai is the Best Deal

Interior decoration of a house is an important task. It is absolutely wrong to think that their only purpose is to let them decorate an already luxurious house with even more high-end artifacts. Even though this might be true for some of their clients but cannot be applicable to all. Interior decoration does design your house, but more than that they do create the best space and storage structures that you can utilise in your daily life. Especially when you are living in 2 bhk flats in Mumbai that is ideal for a couple style settings, but quite cramped up if you are living in a joint family.

Many families are moving to the far off suburbs in search of housing projects that offer a larger space at a relatively cheaper price. This has also been true for the people who are new to Mumbai and yet to settle in the city. Hence, they decide to invest in new upcoming projects in Mumbai especially the ones that are at affordable prices as they are yet uncertain if they are going to stay in Mumbai forever. Aware of the massive space crunch in a residential property has made the developers take sharp notice of the problem. Thus, there are many real estate developers who incorporate and promote architectural designs that construct houses with space saving concepts.

Modern day construction does cater to the individual needs of their clients. Like there are many who not only built penthouses to cater the luxurious setting for their high-end clientele, but also construct studio apartments that are ideal as a bachelor pad. Those days where a builder would just build a plain old building with the same look-alike houses are a matter of the past. Now it is known as the best practise when you are sensitive to client needs.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

All your housing needs met with the luxury flats in Mumbai

When you consider buying a house, it is typical to think about many aspects that surround it. When matters are concerning about your daily commute to work you need to carefully consider the location. To receive the best deal you need to scrutinise properly the offer along with the other amenities promised by the developer at the time of purchasing luxury flats in Mumbai. This helps to finalize the deal once both the parties i.e. the developer and you have met all the terms and conditions and thus are fully satisfied to proceed further.

Mumbai in the past decade has expanded a lot, especially in the far off suburbs. Encouraged by this expansion many developers have seized the opportunity and has been pouring efforts towards this transformation. One such area that has seen immense makeover over the decade is Goregaon west and east alike. The area is in demand with the current on-going construction of Mumbai Metro Line Phase 2 which makes the lives of all the residences much smoother. Buying flat in Goregaon West is a sound investment if you are considering real estate. Many malls like Inorbit and Infinity 2 that not only house high-end brands, but there are also famous quality supermarkets like Hypercity, Big Bazar, and D-mart. All these at just close proximity have been built to cater the needs of residential complexes around it.

Goregaon has an upper hand when it comes to travelling across the city with the smooth connectivity to the Western Express Highway via East West Bridge, which also provides the main connect to the east and the west of Goregaon. These infrastructure developments within the area have not only given rise to the seen popularity in the real estate properties there rather it has also seen many established educational institutions been built to further meet their demands. When carefully pondered all these developmental factors does make Goregaon an ideal place for property investment.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Real Estate in Mumbai – your answer to house hunting

House hunting is a problem that occurs at least once in every grown-up’s life. The endless search for that one place that you want to call home in the near future is exhausting. The long list of locations that you are asked to look upon is the only way you stand a chance to find that property you want to invest in Mumbai. The options are many and that makes it all the more confusing as well for the buyer.

Real Estate in Mumbai has vast options for properties that can meet everyone’s needs. The property prices are ranging as per the location that you wish to buy. Existing facilities and the developing infrastructure of the area play an important part to determine the price of the residential property of a particular area. The premium 2 Bhk flats in Santacruz, Goregaon or Powai are currently observed as trending areas that most people wish to invest. These properties are centrally based on access to the infrastructure facilities of the city. Many such residential properties now offer various deals that make it all the more appealing. Premium flats are now offered that combined with amenities that are high-tech and luxurious.

Today developers don’t limit with just building a house for the customer they go one step ahead and try as much as possible to make the house custom specific for you. This shift of mindset amongst the developers has taken place due to the competitive nature that the real estate project faces currently. The offers vary from being partly to fully furnished houses. There are also the offers that provide personal interior designers who would be able to bring in your personalised style and touch to the place that is going to be your home for life. Developers offer a high-tech security system that gives you the assurance of a safe home.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Real Estate Companies- your new best friend when you wish to buy a house

When you wish to rent a house or buy a new one, it is always the real estate companies that you first turn to. This is even truer when you are searching a property for commercial purposes. These companies are fully equipped to meet your needs. They are aware of the area and the pros and cons of the construction and the location. All this information turns into a blessing for the customer as they are generally ignorant when they start their property search. Hence, it is vital to connect with reliable Real Estate Companies so that you can avoid the dangers of been duped with a non-legit deal that would make you lose your hard earned money.

There is a high demand for the search of properties outside the main metropolitan cities. One of the areas with such growing interest is Nasik. Recent years have seen much development in this small town mainly due to emerging industrial and manufacturing plants that are settling there. These developments have been the main reason for the makeover that has been seen for residential projects in Nashik. The transportation and facilities and infrastructure have gained popularity due to the highway flyover from Pathardi Phata to Pimpri Chinchwad which allows a nonstop route from Mumbai and Pune. This has helped for a smooth travelling and save time, which has also encouraged more people to shift or invest in a property in Nashik.

The area has still held to its green surroundings. A truly magnificent blending of serenity with modernity is sure to be found here with the weather that compliments beautifully. A perfect setting with a pace that balances between the tone of the bustling city in a small town and still cherishes time to enjoy the magic of nature without much a care or worry that is usually found in city dwellers.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Explore for Properties in Goregaon and Powai

When you plan to buy a house in Mumbai the first thought that hits is the price of the real estate. Skyrocketing real estate prices make anyone shy away from buying a house. When searching for a house, many criteria need to be kept in mind. Investment experts do consider real estate as one of the most solid forms of investment with assured returns.

Investing in a property is a wise decision than just renting a flat. Rapid growth has seen all over Western suburbs and Eastern suburbs zone combined over the decade. New residential properties are giving a facelift to the area and making the price worth to be invested in. Easy commute and smooth connectivity make a city life the most bearable. For example, properties in Goregaon are promising as with the multiple malls and commercial properties have increased the value of real estate. Obtaining apartments in Powai are an attractive choice as well. The future is bright here because of the promising development of Mumbai Metro.

For some years Powai has already been enjoying the perks of Mumbai’s infrastructural development. The Metro line from Andheri to Ghatkopar, the expansion of Jogeshwari-Vikroli Link road, along with Eastern Express Highway has made life easier for their residents. This life is soon to be extended to Goregaon. The undergoing development of Mumbai Metro Line passing through Goregaon is going to make travel easier for everyone. Besides the local trains in the Western line network has always boasted the number of daily commuters that opt and has adopted this as their choice of daily travel.

Owning a house is definitely a value for your hard earned money. The choices in western or eastern suburbs are many and definitely recommended by the real estate experts as “a must explore”.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Live in the Heart of Mumbai - Flats in Dadar

We have all seen and felt Mumbai extending over the years. And with this extension came the shift of residence as well as commercial properties. Reasons being apt are many, from monetary to commute. Property developers in Mumbai see this as the core reason for people to choose their house.

Rightly so, commuting in a large city like Mumbai is a hustle that we all endure daily. Keep in mind there is one place in Mumbai that has still held its charm- Dadar. The point of location that sees 3 out 5 Mumbaikars or should we say nearly millions crossing over. Dadar does boast of the unique selling point of best commuting alternative ways available than any other parts of Mumbai. It is at the core of Mumbai’s excellent network of roadways and railways. It is a centre point of the crossover between the Western and the Central line. Flats in Dadar are always in demand and an offer always finds takers as soon as launched.

Dadar is an example of Mumbai’s harmonious co-existence amongst the diversity. Easily accessible to famous Siddhivinayak Temple or Portuguese Church, an evening spent playing at Shivaji Park or the beach is an exciting thought. With schools and even colleges at close proximity makes this an ideal setup for a family to transform a house into a home.

Large number of the old residences are been taken over as a part of redevelopment plan by many reputed builders, which has given a huge makeover to the complete area. In spite of the transformation Dadar has still held to its authentic self. Surrounded by the age old restaurants and shops that have left their mark for more than 50 years suggests how the modernity has still treasured the ethnicity of live and culture there.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Tips to Invest in a New Upcoming Project in Mumbai

It can be tempting to buy a house at a price 20-30% lower than the market rate. This is one of the main reasons why homebuyers book housing units in projects that are sold even before all clearances of the project are in place. There are many builders who receive and accept bookings before securing all the approvals because getting all the clearances takes time.

It can be a difficult task to invest in a property. If you wish to save some money, you can invest in a new upcoming project in Mumbai because properties at the launch stage are available at a low rate.

Pre-launch bookings are done by builders to raise cheaper funds. Most projects are developed in phases and even before all approvals are in place, developers start marketing the project to buyers and brokers at a discount, also known as soft launch. Since a 10-15% discount is offered to investors by real estate developers in Mumbai in order to get them into buying units, you can get hold of a property at a low rate during soft launch.

If you wish to invest in an upcoming project, here are a few tips to consider:

  • Make sure you have validated all clearances. Approximately 40-45 clearances are there and therefore, each should be studied carefully before a project is considered.
  • You should beware of too-good-to-be-true projects. Instead of falling for a lucrative offer just because it is available at a low rate, it is advisable to do your homework and find out more about the developer. You can either ask around or use the internet for finding more information.
  • When choosing a developer, don’t just look for information on the current project that you wish to invest in. Learn more about completed projects by the developer.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Property Developers in Mumbai Focusing on Smaller Apartments

Smaller homes are being considered by many property buyers in Mumbai. This is because 3 and 4BHK properties in Mumbai have become unaffordable for many. Even a 2BHK apartment in some posh areas of Mumbai is out of the reach of middle-income buyers.

Considering the growing demand for affordable units, many property developers in Mumbai are focusing on construction of smaller apartments. They are reducing the average size of apartments for reducing per unit cost.

According to the industry experts, developers are coming up with new offerings in order to attract fresh customers to their projects. They are taking advantage of the demand in the affordable segment, offering 1BHK units to cater to middle-income buyers or investors. As per a report published by JLL India, in the last five years, the average size of an apartment in Mumbai has seen a decrease of 26.4%.

The demand for 1BHK homes have shot up also because maintaining a 3 or 4BHK apartment gets as expensive as buying it. As per a PropTiger report, smaller, 1BHK units accounted for approximately 22% of the total residential property sales in FY16. It was in cities like Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru where demand for such units was mostly concentrated.

Another important factor due to which developers are focusing on building smaller units are- new incentives. The government has announced new incentives to developers as well as home buyers. There are service tax exemptions on affordable homes of up to 60 square meters constructed by state or central government, including private public partnership.

A significant number of new residential property in Mumbai belongs to the smaller, more affordable segment. If you have been planning to buy a home in Mumbai or to make an investment on a budget, you can look for a small, affordable option.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Demonetization and Affordability of Properties in Mumbai

In 2016, the Indian government announced demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes due to which several sectors, including real estate faced challenges as it mainly thrives on cash transactions. Reportedly, property transactions in Mumbai almost came to a halt due to this announcement.

According to real estate companies in Mumbai, property enquiries reduced drastically since the government announced demonetization. Rating of 1500 to 1700 enquiries a day reduced to 400 enquiries on many property portals. If experts are to be believed, there will be a 50-70% slow down or no transaction period in Mumbai’s real estate sectors for few months because everyone seems to be straightening their businesses out at the moment.

As per predictions, rates for properties in Mumbai will reduce in several areas. If you are planning to buy a house in Juhu, Khar, Santacruz or Bandra, you can get a good deal. Even properties in South Mumbai will be available within the not-so-expensive price range. Impact of demonetization will not be very evident in areas that are close to commercial hubs, such as BKC (Bandra Kurla Complex) and Bandra East.

Some real estate companies are dismissing these predictions, claiming that the impact of demonetization will stay only for a short-term, whether you are planning to buy a flat in Chembur or Bandra East. According to them, this move will not be having much of an impact on first sales transactions or cheques only transactions that make up the primary market. However, the secondary market will face a huge impact with the move.

It is also being said that this move will make the Mumbai’s property market more reliable and engaging for foreign investors. Sales will pick up because banks will be flushed with funds and the interest rates will reduce.