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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Tips to Consider when Dealing with Real Estate Agents in Mumbai

Home buying experience can be daunting if you don’t find a good real estate agent. Here are some of the tips that help you deal with real estate agents in Mumbai:
  • You will have to be in constant touch with the agent if you want to get a good deal

  • It helps to double check everything you are being told by the agent because in order to lure the buyer, many agents tend to give wrong information about the residential projects. There is no harm in getting a basic idea of property rates from newspaper ads or property portals

  • There is no point in relying on just one broker. Instead, contact several brokers and compare rates

  • It is recommended not to get finance from the financial service company suggested by the sellers’ agent. You should instead get a quote a discuss it in detail with your own mortgage advisor

  • Usually, real estate agents are not very transparent about a building’s construction quality. For instance, in one locality there can be two similar properties that are priced the same but one will give you more value in terms of amenities and construction quality

  • When finalizing a deal, it is always recommended to meet the other party (in case you are residing in a different city). If your real estate agent is pushing you to close the deal without getting to know the seller in person, you shouldn’t go for it

  • Remember, the agent will be asking you for a commission which is usually a percentage of the deal value. It is recommended to ask about the fee he/she is getting from the other party. If you don’t get a clear reply, you should become more careful

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