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Friday, 18 May 2018

Here is how best real estate companies in Mumbai are trying to make eco-friendly residential space

Cutting down carbon emission and making a space green is one of the important priorities of the modern world. With the problem of global warming and deforestation, one needs to do things on their personal level to find a solution.

In this quest to fight the environmental issues, some of the best real estate companies in Mumbai have come up with solutions to make their residential space green and eco-friendly. Here are a few tips that will help you find something similar –

Avoid artificial lighting 
Leaving light bulbs and electrical appliances on all day, ends up consuming a lot of electricity. This in turn increases your space’s carbon footprint. Using less electricity will help in intelligent consumption of the natural resources that are depleting and might end up someday. A better idea is to use the natural lighting to illuminate your space. This will bring down your electricity bills.

Use LED lighting 
LED lighting is more eco-friendly as it uses less electricity and brings more brightness. This way you responsibly consume electricity. At the same time one LED bulb works for 3 ordinary bulbs. A branded LED light bulb is 80% more energy efficient than normal source of lighting. Apart from these advantages, LED light also lasts longer than the ordinary lights saving a lot of money in process.

Use more indoor plants 
In the time when deforestation has consumed a large portion of tree life, the only way to bring clean air to the room is by adding indoor plants to the interiors. These indoor plants act as counter against the appliances that release harmful residue. They inhale it and exhale pure air, making the interiors fresh.

With these small steps, you’ll be able to make your space better, safer and healthier. Ekta World offers a series of eco-friendly homes. Their projects include a number of residential projects in Goregaon, Andheri and Malad.

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